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It’s a question that has plagued wine drinkers for decades — a question that led to an idea…

Labeloff™ is the original wine label remover designed to preserve and store the labels from memorable bottles of wine. With thousands of wines being produced daily all across the globe, it is harder than ever before for wine drinkers to take note and remember those great wines marked delicious tastes, celebrations or even just a great night out on the town. The 5” x  6” label savers allow you to actually take the label off of the bottle, eliminating the guessing element of choosing wines in both restaurants and liquor stores.

Labeloff™ utilizes a specially designed adhesive that removes the top printed surface of wine label, leaving the impregnated back on the bottle. Imitators have continued to develop their own label remover since Labeloff’s inception without success, often leaving their patrons with tattered, torn, and mostly unusable wine labels. Labeloff™ has been tested on tens of thousands of bottles and has displayed a success rate of over 98.5%.

In 1978, a man was vacationing with his wife in Italy. While enjoying a bottle of wine, he asked his waiter a simple question: “Would you mind removing the label from the bottle.” The waiter came back with scraps of wet torn paper, and less than a year later  Labeloff™ was invented. Since then, Labeloff™ has been used to remove wine labels from over 20 million bottles of wine all over the world.

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